Picking up a day or two with Sites Professionals

Psychiatrist Placements with Sites Professionals

For psychiatrists, working in community mental health is a convenient and meaningful experience. Sites Professionals makes it easy. The need for qualified psychiatric coverage in community mental health is great. Their clients are deserving and in need, yet are dramatically underserved due to social and economic factors.

For practitioners, the benefits of providing psychiatric care to this population include a longer duration of care than is found in private and hospital settings; and a support team to help with clinical and administrative tasks. Additionally, Sites Professionals can locate placements for as little as 4 hours a week up to full time, making it possible to fit into any schedule. We provide occurrence-based malpractice insurance, many placements can be conducted via telepsychiatry or include travel reimbursement. Sites Professionals will do what it takes to find the best match for your interests, qualifications, and availability.

Let us help you provide the clients in California community mental health system with the best available care.