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Our Process is Simple

  1. Sign up with Sites Professionals
  2. Interview potential suitable agencies
  3. We support you with on-boarding, including credentialing and liability insurance
  4. We work with you throughout the placement to make it a success for you and your patients

There is no obligation to accept a placement, signing up only gives us permission to start making introductions to agencies that match your requirements.

How Sites Professionals can help you

We are ready to help you find the best agency for part-time or full-time work. Sites Professionals helps you through every step of the recruitment and placement process to make sure you have a meaningful experience and a profitable arrangement. We get to know the agencies we work with to make sure it is a good match based on your placement requirements.

What is it like to work with us?

Want to know what it's like to work with us? Don't just take our word for it - talk to our psychiatrists. If you are considering working with Sites Professionals, we can arrange to have you speak with a psychiatrist on our team.

What if you could…

1) Make extra money
2) Treat patients in underserved communities

Perks of Community Mental Health

  • They really need you
  • Abundance of clients
  • Support staff
  • Office and admin expenses covered
  • Flexible scheduling done for you
  • Longer duration of care
  • Telepsychiatry support
  • Liability insurance provided

Sites Professionals has many years of experience with Department of Mental Health documentation and reimbursement practices.

How we are Different

There are many varieties of staffing, recruitment and locum tenens businesses out there. Most of these businesses are taking advantage of inefficiencies in the market by casting a wide net of poorly matched agencies and practitioners, while providing little to no support after placement. Sites Professionals puts a tremendous effort into matching qualified candidates with agencies, and we work in partnership with psychiatrists and agencies for the duration of placements.

Partnering with Us

Think of Sites Professionals as augmenting your portfolio with part-time or full-time flexible assignments. Before the placement begins we conduct full credentialing, provide you with occurrence-based malpractice insurance, and assist with setup of telepsychiatry. Once a placement has begun we continue to provide technical support as needed, handle time cards and billing, and remain responsive and engaged.


Sites Professionals specializes in telepsychiatry services. Telepsychiatry is one way to ensure clients have access to psychiatric care, particularly at locations or times that could otherwise make it difficult for in-person coverage. Sites Professionals will work to provide you with the tools and support you need to work from home.


Sometimes employment is the way to go. Sites Professionals recruits for agencies that wish to hire psychiatrists.

Contact us today: (818) 802-6782

We have a brief questionnaire to help us better understand your needs. This information can be collected at a later time if you prefer.
Once we have found a placement acceptable to you, when would you be available to start?