How Sites Professionals can help you?

We are ready to help you find the best agency for part-time or full-time work. Sites Professionals helps you through every step of the recruitment and placement process to make sure you have a meaningful experience and a profitable arrangement. We get to know the agencies we work with to make sure it is a good match based on your placement requirements.

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Your benefits:

  • Additional income
  • Flexible work assignments
  • More patient scheduling flexibility
  • Higher focus on direct-patient care
  • Extra support staff
  • Take part in different clinical settings and communities
  • Freedom to work as an Independent Contractor

Perks you’ll get by working with Sites Professionals:

  • A team with years of experience running medication support services in community mental health
  • Fast and easy Credentialing handled by us
  • Occurrence-Based Professional Liability Insurance
  • 24/7 first class customer service support
  • Help with invoices, timecards, and everything related to your placement
  • Face to face meeting with agencies to establish a good fit
  • Access to reciprocal learning from our community of psychiatrists

Contact us today: (818) 802-6782

We have a brief questionnaire to help us better understand your needs. This information can be collected at a later time if you prefer.