Agencies FAQs


What services do you provide?

Sites Professionals is a Psychiatric Services Staffing agency. We recruit and match psychiatrists with mental health agencies in the state of California. We also provide limited Medication Support consulting services.

Typical Placement Process

  1. In-person Meeting, Q&A
  2. Signed Agreement
  3. Identify Candidates & Face-to-face Introduction
  4. Accept Practitioner
  5. Deposit Due
  6. Practitioner Signed Assignment Confirmation
  7. Placement & Processing
  8. During Placement: Routine check-ins and support
  9. At Period End: Renewal, buyout, or termination.

Costs and Billing


In most placements we require a deposit that is equal to one billing cycle, usually ½ month, up to a fixed cap. The deposit allows us to secure and place talented people with your agency. The deposit is due upon acceptance of a placement. The deposit is 100% refundable; and may be applied to the last billing cycle, past-due or unpaid invoices.

Hourly Rates

Placements are typically billed hourly. Hourly rates are dependent on the requirements of the individual practitioner, and vary by skills and scope of work. Sites Professionals will look for an appropriate match from within our network of practitioners based on your requirements. Rates are agreed-upon before an agency accepts a practitioner and pays the deposit.

Time Cards and Processing

Sites Professionals will work with your team and the practitioner to complete and sign time cards according to agreed upon timeframes.

Administrative Per Diem

Sites Professionals charges a Per Diem for each calendar day that a practitioner is providing psychiatric services to your clients. This fee goes toward our administrative and support expenses. It is a flat fee that is only accrued on the days the practitioner(s) work.

Consulting Services

Sites Professionals also provides services in addition to the placement of practitioners. Our consulting services are highly customizable, and rates vary based on the resources required to meet your needs. Please call for details.


Sites Professionals prefers to bill twice per month, on the 15th and on the last day of the month. We can make exceptions to meet your needs. Invoices are submitted to you electronically with time cards attached, and payable by check, online, or ACH.

Customer Service

Managing Success

Our team is available to support your team and the practitioners at any time during their placement. We routinely provide opportunities for feedback to improve communication and ensure that each placement runs smoothly.