Psychiatrist FAQs


What services do you provide psychiatrists?

Sites Professionals is a Psychiatric Services Staffing agency. We recruit and match psychiatrists with mental health agencies in the state of California. We also provide limited Medication Support consulting services.

Typical Placement Process

  1. In-person Meeting, Q&A
  2. Signed Agreement
  3. Identify Agencies & Face-to-face Introduction
  4. Accept Placement
  5. Placement & Processing
  6. During Placement: Routine check-ins and support
  7. At Period End: Renewal, buyout, or termination.

Hourly Rates

You tell us what your hourly compensation requirements are, we do our best to find a placement that suites your needs.

Why Work in Community Mental Health?

Sites Professionals primarily works with community mental health agencies. In this video we discuss some advantages of this type of work.

What Can Sites Professionals Do for Me?

More about our placement process and the services we provide to you.

Will I Be Overworked?

We address a common concern of practitioners entering community mental health.