Why do we do it?

Sites Professionals' founders have dedicated their careers to mental health in southern California

We, Nancy and Jeff, have been involved in community based mental health care in Southern California for over 15 years. Our careers followed a path familiar to many in the industry. With bachelor's degrees in psychology we began as front line staff in a residential treatment setting for juveniles. We both worked our way up to leadership positions, earning master's degrees along the way. Jeff earned a master's in business administration and ventured into entrepreneurship. Nancy earned a master’s in clinical psychology and became a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and continued to practice as her career advanced.

Our motivation for launching Sites Professionals is the same motivation that has kept us in the industry since the beginning. We do it for the clients. From our first experiences working to improve the lives of the underserved we understood the need for qualified professionals to commit to the helping field. We know firsthand the challenges and rewards of this work. As our careers have developed we have committed to directing our abilities for the greatest impact on those that need it most. That’s why we do it.