Placement Service for Prescribers

Sites Professionals Placement Service for Prescribers

Sites Professionals simplifies the process of matching and placing you with local agencies, so that you can have an impact in the areas of greatest need. The advantages of working with us include finding flexible assignments in the areas of focus that most interest you.

We know that you can provide the best care to patients when the work is closely aligned with your passion and you are not overly burdened by the administrative processes that come along with it.

Working with Sites Professionals, whether to work a couple days a week or to find a new full-time position, gives you the benefit of 24/7 support from a team with expertise in the laws and processes of mental health. You set your rates, hours and availability. Let us take care of the rest.

Thoughts on Burnout

Battling Burnout in the Mental Health Workplace

There’s much discussion these days about burnout, particularly among physicians and psychiatrists. Medscape and the American Psychiatric Association recently published and discussed a survey indicating 40% of MDs are experiencing some level of burnout.

It’s safe to say that this problem is not limited to doctors. It’s common for people at all levels in the field of mental health to have had feelings of burnout from time to time.

The complexities of the helping field only complicate a profession that requires you to be emotionally present on a daily basis. The challenges of bureaucracy and paperwork only make matters worse.

Self-care and maintaining a healthy work culture with empathy are essential to alleviating burnout in your team.

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Are We Middlemen?

Sites Professionals psychiatric staffing services

No. Sites Professionals performs or enhances work essential to a functional psychiatric services program. We personally recruit and place psychiatrists and other practitioners with mental health providers. Sites Professionals remains committed to the successful deployment of practitioners by making sure they are prepared, and have the knowledge and passion for community-based mental health. We provide hands-on support for the duration of our placements. We are focused on Southern California, where we know what it takes to run a psychiatric services program effectively, and where we can have routine in-person meetings and introductions with our clients.

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The Complete Package for Agencies

Sites Professionals supports your medication services department

Working with Sites Professionals to staff and support your organization’s psychiatric services has benefits beyond just the recruitment and placement of practitioners. We help provide insight into the best way to build and utilize your medication support team for better client care and efficient billing and reimbursement. That is why we get to know you with in-person meetings and frequent contact. We are big believers in the value of community-based care, and buying into your mission allows us to find terrific matches for your staffing needs.

Staffing Placement Process for Agencies

Psychiatric Services Staffing Agency Process

Working with Sites Professionals to fill your psychiatric staffing needs usually follows just a few steps. We personally get to know your agency to make sure we’re a good fit for your recruitment needs. Once it’s decided we are a good match, we sign an agreement. Then Sites Professionals identifies appropriate candidates from our network of providers and we arrange a face-to-face introduction between them and your team. Once you accept a practitioner the deposit is due, followed by a signed Assignment Confirmation letter. The placement then commences.

Most of our placements are for a period of 12 months. Six-month placements are available in many cases. At the conclusion of the placement, the agreement can be renewed, terminated, or in many cases there is a buyout option.

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SCPS Career Day

Sites Professionals at the Psychiatry Career Day

Thank you to everyone we met yesterday, and to the Southern California Psychiatric Society and Didi Hirsch for hosting Career Day.

The Psychiatric Shortage

The Psychiatric Shortage

A report recently published by the National Council for Behavioral Health lays bare the challenges faced by service providers in providing their patients with adequate psychiatric care. Among the many startling findings is the scope of the shortage which has become a nationwide problem:

"[The] study revealed that 55 percent of counties in the continental U.S. do not have any psychiatrists. Another study concluded that 77 percent of U.S. counties had 'severe shortages' of psychiatrists and other behavioral health providers."

The report goes on to highlight a number of factors that have contributed to and exacerbated the shortage, particularly those that have led an increasing... read more