New Opportunities

Joshua Tree picture for new psychiatrist opportunities with Sites Professionals

Thanks to the rapid adoption of telepsychiatry, as required in response to the pandemic, this year has seen an increase in opportunities for psychiatrists, patients, and mental health service agencies. The use of telepsychiatry has freed psychiatric services from the constraints of geography. The distance between patients and the best-matched psychiatrist is no longer a barrier to providing excellent services. With a valid medical license to practice in California, a psychiatrist has many new opportunities to practice in the places with greatest need. Having these choices means that finding a better match becomes more likely. A better match benefits patients and mental health service agencies alike. Telepsychiatry provides agencies the flexibility to match psychiatrists by their skills and experience, as opposed to matching them by how close they live to the site of care.

At Sites Professionals we have long advocated for the adoption of telehealth to increase access to care for the most vulnerable populations in our communities. As part of our continued commitment to this mission, we have new opportunities available to match psychiatrists with community mental health agencies in California.

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